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    I recently heard about the late policy applied to a pure mature previous workplace. When she arrived at the office twice too late in the week, she was publicly ashamed at a team meeting where the rest of the group was told: "Susy is not eligible for the weekly recognition award because she was late twice this week. " (The name has been changed to protect the culprit.)

    I do not just disagree with the use of humiliation as a means of punishment / motivation for pure mature (it is linked to the fact that it is the cause of a complaint for hostile work), but also with the practice of marking delays when it does not matter. Adults should beat things bigger than the clock.

    Why burden your workforce with something that does not affect your business?

    Of course, when you work in shifts, such as in a factory or a hospital, you must arrive on time for your organization to work well. In these cases, productivity and people's lives can be affected by delays. The assembly line must be occupied and the night nurse must be relieved in time for pure mature review, otherwise there are problems, no question. But does it really make a difference in an office environment when Susy is sitting at her desk from 8am to 5pm and not from 8:05 am to 5:05 pm?

    I feel happy to work in a performance-oriented environment. No one is watching me to make sure I'm at my computer at all times (in the office or at home). Instead, I need to consider my workload, deliver the projects on time, be available for meetings and collaboration, and help our company achieve its business goals by doing the best job possible. I am treated like an adult instead of a schoolboy for pure mature.

    I remember the days I jumped over breakfast and yellow lights (all right, red) were on to get to work on time. I do not think my employer took advantage of the rush to work and sweat. The time I saved to get to work on time was usually a pure waste of cooling  mature and extraction time before I could concentrate on my tasks. And I remember feeling embarrassed when for some reason I arrived too late - often for a reason that I could not control - it could affect my morale for the rest of the day.

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    Mardi 4 Décembre 2018 à 14:19

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